Program Curriculum | Sunshine

Child-Centred Programming

Anderson Road Child Care Centre delivers continuity of learning experiences and offers flexible, child-responsive programs that value the children’s diverse sociocultural backgrounds, experiences, abilities and needs. By implementing varied child-centred strategies, the children will enjoy learning in a range of educational experiences, including play, real life situations, active explorations, transitions and routines, investigations, and focused learning.

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The centre provides stimulating, sensory-rich indoor and outdoor environments that will motivate the children to initiate and extend their own play spontaneously, to develop creativity and problem-solving skills, to make their own choices and decisions, to practice self-help skills and independence, and to show positive social skills and behaviour amongst children and adults.

To better understand how children learn and develop, our educators used different tools including the children’s life stories, individual observations, weekly journals, educator/parent reflections, samples of art work, photos, summaries and the children’s portfolios. Our centre encourages families to collaborate with us on their child’s learning program by sharing information and contributing relevant knowledge and perspectives.

Our educators strongly support and facilitate the children’s journey in knowing their own identity; in understanding being a part of their existing family, the centre’s family, and their community; in developing physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills; and in becoming involved and confident learners. Moreover, the centre respects and appreciates the children from diverse backgrounds and special needs through their participation in inclusive and diversity programs.

Our services are based on a loving, secure and motivating environment. We offer 95 children opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and fun through play and learning experiences. Every child is provided with a wide range of quiet, active, indoor, outdoor, individual and group activities.