Kindergarten in Sunshine

Welcome to Anderson Road Child Care Centre, your local kindergarten in Sunshine. 
We operate in a caring, safe and motivational environment. 

The Perfect Kindergarten

The kindergarten service at Anderson Road Child Care Centre includes well-established programs for children of different age brackets, and is the  the perfect kindergarten for children to grow and develop.

Your kid will also strengthen numerous skills through our variety of fun and imaginative fine and gross motor activities.

We also encourage parents to participate in their child's development and learning progress, as parent engagement can positively influence a child's attitude towards education.

The right place to enhance your child's development

Kindergarten Melbourne Sunshine, Caroline Springs Sunshine West, Albion
Kindergarten Melbourne Sunshine, Caroline Springs Sunshine West, Albion

Our Kindergarten Program

Anderson Road Child Care Centre provides an interesting kinder program for 4- to 5-year-old children. From art creation and material manipulation to outdoor activities and basic science concepts, their days are filled with various learning experiences. 

Our activities are not only age appropriate, but also engaging, stimulating, and allow children to grow independently.

Call us for more details about our curriculum and activities!

Responding to your child's needs and goals

Our Educators Are:

  • Experienced
  • Highly qualified
  • Dedicated
  • Committed to your child's care
  • Fit and healthy

Caring kindergarten services are just a phone call away!

Our services are based on a loving, secure and motivating environment. We offer 95 children opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and fun through play and learning experiences. Every child is provided with a wide range of quiet, active, indoor, outdoor, individual and group activities.