Kindergarten Program - Sunshine

The centre provides a stimulating kinder program for children whose ages range from 4–5 years old. The whole day sessions are filled with varied learning experiences that focus on the development of the whole child. The children can choose from creating different forms of art, manipulating various age appropriate materials, exploring their outdoor environment, and discovering concepts of science and math.

We also believe that their self-esteem and social skills can be enhanced through small group activities such as in musical experiences, dramatic plays, storytelling and group games. Children often enjoy the safe and warm atmosphere of the group activities.

Children Care Melbourne Sunshine, Caroline Springs Sunshine West, Albion
Our services are based on a loving, secure and motivating environment. We offer 95 children opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and fun through play and learning experiences. Every child is provided with a wide range of quiet, active, indoor, outdoor, individual and group activities.