Fees - Sunshine

Fees and Payment Policy

  • The fees are $94.00 per day and $400.00 per week.
  • We offer a 2-day minimum or 5 days for full-time care.
  • Parents who are eligible for the childcare benefit (CCB) will receive reduced fees provided they are registered with Family Assistance Office and are Australian residents. Please give both parent and child's CRN number and parent's date of birth at the time of enrolment.
  • A family member who is studying or training is eligible to apply for JET Fee Assistance through the Commonwealth Government.
  • Fees include the provision of nutritional breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, 2-course meal and light snack in the late afternoon as well as new nappies.
Our services are based on a loving, secure and motivating environment. We offer 95 children opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and fun through play and learning experiences. Every child is provided with a wide range of quiet, active, indoor, outdoor, individual and group activities.