Baby Care in Sunshine

Anderson Road Child Care Centre specialises in baby care in Sunshine. Visit us!
We have a unique approach to child learning and development. 

Early Childcare and Development

Anderson Road Child Care Centre is committed to giving your child a program that is appropriate for their age bracket. In fact, we follow the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework for a holistic approach to early education. 

We have an orientation program to ensure the full adaptation and comfort of our new students. Let your child play, learn and develop in a safe and cheerful environment. Give us a call!

Assisting your child throughout their growth and progress

Baby Care Melbourne Sunshine, Caroline Springs Sunshine West, Albion
Baby Care Melbourne Sunshine, Caroline Springs Sunshine West, Albion

The Right Preschool

Anderson Road Child Care Centre is the perfect preschool for your child to thrive. Backed by a qualified, skilled and dedicated staff, we offer your children the best preschool education.

Apart from fun and stimulating activities, we also provide meals, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack every day.

Choose a preschool that takes care of your child's health!

A fully equipped preschool with all safety standards

Our Goal is to Help Your Child Become:

  • Creative
  • Involved and active learners
  • Effective communicators
  • Stimulated and motivated
  • Confident
  • Independent

Find out more about our programs and curriculum:

Our services are based on a loving, secure and motivating environment. We offer 95 children opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and fun through play and learning experiences. Every child is provided with a wide range of quiet, active, indoor, outdoor, individual and group activities.